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                      億方云企業網盤 360 banner




                      億方云企業網盤logo normal 可靠好用的共享協作盤
                      Store and Share
                      Real-time file synchronization,
                      help the team share efficiently
                      Whether it is synchronizing local and cloud files, or a modified version of the same file generated by multiple people and multiple ends, through powerful file synchronization capabilities, you and your colleagues can see the same file version in time.
                      Fine permissions settings
                      Through the flexible seven-level collaboration permission combination, you can efficiently manage the permissions of members to preview / edit / upload / download / delete / share files.
                      Share files anytime, anywhere,
                      file sharing status is under control
                      You can initiate file (folder) sharing from multiple ends and track sharing access in real time, such as preview and download times.
                      File Review
                      Online preview more than 100 file formats
                      In addition to files in conventional formats, you can also preview professional file formats online, covering engineering / manufacturing, design, project management, and education industries.
                      Powerful file search function
                      You can narrow the search scope through a variety of filter conditions, even if you forget the file name, you can also quickly find the target file in the vast library through the full-text search function.
                      File Collaboration
                      Multiple people edit online at the same time,
                      collaborative dynamic real-time visibility
                      You can edit documents, forms, PPT and PDF online with your colleagues, and view the revision history and historical version at any time.
                      Collect and review,
                      create efficient document circulation
                      Want to easily collect large amounts of data? Try to collect automatically summarized files. Want to confirm a document with multiple colleagues? Try to initiate a review of the file, and the review results are pushed in real time.
                      Various ways to comment
                      You can start a discussion with colleagues based on a project folder or file, @associated people, and even initiate voice comments on the mobile terminal.
                      Dynamic files (folders),
                      let historical operations traceable
                      Files (folders) dynamically record member upload, move, share, join collaboration, delete and other operations, you can subscribe to the dynamics and follow up the changes in real time.
                      File Security
                      Document Security System Trusted by Top 500 Enterprises
                      Access Safe
                      Secondary verification
                      Security watermark preview
                      Login address and device restrictions
                      Behavior Safe
                      File anti-leak system
                      File online virus checking
                      Share external link management and control
                      Data Security
                      Transmission storage full link encryption
                      triple backup
                      isolation between enterprise data
                      Enterprise Management
                      Organization Management
                      Member ManagementDepartment and organization structure managementGroup management
                      Visual Data Report
                      Member StatisticsSpatial StatisticsFile StatisticsSecurity Report
                      Detailed operation log
                      Support query operation logs by time period, operation type, related members, and export.
                      Open Platform
                      Provide API and multi-terminal SDK. Enterprises can conduct secondary development based on an open platform according to their needs, and seamlessly embed Yifang Cloud's file capabilities into other business systems.
                      Private deployment
                      Support localized storage of data and multi-node storage. It not only meets the enterprise's requirements for complete control of the data, but also ensures a faster file access speed.
                      Custom Service
                      Support docking with the existing unified identity authentication system within the enterprise to maintain the original account system; at the same time help users create an exclusive file management platform through APP customization and LOGO customization.
                      They are all using the FangCloud

                      Provided a more efficient way of working for 500,000+ businesses and teams in 20+ industries

                      Get started with FangCloud for an effortless working experience
                      Anytime and anywhere,
                      Easy file storage sharing and collaboration
                      FangCloud has provided a more efficient way of working for 400,000+ companies and teams


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